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As of yesterday morning, the Brazil World Cup has played 8 matches, half of the team makes its debut. 8 field game playing into 28 ball, field are over 3 ball, called most "militant" of World Cup, such of high scored rate let fans big call hits…

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Neymar, like foot touches the whole Brazil does. Uruguay people Suarez insisted on a "leg" overcome the United Kingdom's outbreak, more shows of this leg of the "super price". Suarez's leg to save the Uruguay team, the fate of being eliminated too early yesterday morning, Brazil World Cup group match Uruguay team by 2:1Victory over England. Suarez,cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins a header and a thud, struck twice again over the World Cup, Uruguay's "hero", and "three lions" England team to a more awkward position. There is an old saying in China and search for 100 days. The reason, bone injuries, because the impact of bone strength, wounds recover very slowly and very difficult. However, Uruguay of "top killer" Suarez is in team faced vital of moments, drag with a article a months Qian just do half months Board surgery of hurt leg, Gallop Stadium, and by with two grain gold like of into ball, waved to has cover in Uruguay head Shang early out of haze England team badge is by three head lions and the ten flower rose spent composition, so, England team and has "three lion Regiment" of nickname. England play this game as being too conservative. Two front bottom lines rather monotonous, the broader shift is few feet of horizontal distance. The few times the horizontal passes over long distances also helped likewise called the England international Wayne Rooney for England to even the score, then still lag behind, accomplished his dream of scoring in the World Cup. With midfield playmaker low capability of both sides in the battle, England gain no points situation has not been effectively resolved. In contrast, accidentally was Uruguay's ferocious counter-attack play to win by surprise. Although Uruguay compared to relatively reasonable age structure of the England squad, with the old with the new, even on the team has more than age 20Around the age of the players, but it is also Center of Uruguay who experienced the "trap" over fighting,FIFA Coins Trader - Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins, FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins For Sale! make cramps before Suarez in the final, after being benched, constantly face and cry. At the moment, no one can understand his immense pressure from the bottom. Su Shen not only tears, but also with exquisite footwork and strong willpower, completed the Uruguay team's "redemption". In this game, Suarez was named player of the tournament. In front of the camera he experienced a feeling of tears: "I dreamed of this moment, and fighting with team-mates on the pitch. For this period of time, as well as criticisms of us ... ... You know, we have been experiencing. This victory, for us, it really is too important, too precious. "Suarez has been exciting," this is our result. The next game against Italy's game will be more difficult, and we will try our best. "

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As of yesterday morning, the Brazil World Cup has played 8 matches, half of the team makes its debut. 8 field game playing into 28 ball, field are over 3 ball, called most "militant" of World Cup, such of high scored rate let fans big call hits in has ended of group game in the, except Mexico against Cameroon of game only 1 a scored, other game are over 3 ball, actually Mexico and Cameroon of game has 2 a strike was referee errors of blow off, if that two a ball is cheap fifa 15 coins XBOX 360 words, scored will more scored why such more? First, the stars played well, neymar, and Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Mario Balotelli has an excellent play, the former two of three of them. Second, the South American football has always been bold, it seems teams have also been infected, both the offense and the scene very much, and spectacular. Third, the referee made more of a choice to attack, such as the increase in penalties, are also important reasons from the football territory, occupies a day fine land and American teams have shone, Brazil, and Chile, and Colombia, and Costa Rica, and Mexico had won. In Europe, in addition to Dutch, Italian and English civil war in the West, but Croatia, and Greece were lost. On behalf of Asia, Japan, and Australia also lost.

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